CNC Rotary Table -Worm Gear Series
  • CNC Rotary Table..
    CNC Rotary Table..
    · SUH-255~800
    · SUA-125~250
  • CNC Rotary Table (Motor L..
    CNC Rotary Table (Motor L..
    · SUA-170L~250L
  • CNC Rotary Table (Motor B..
    CNC Rotary Table (Motor B..
    · SUA-170B~250B
  • CNC Rotary Table(Multi-sp..
    CNC Rotary Table(Multi-sp..
    · SUA-125-3W~250-...
    · SUA-125-2W~250-...
  •  CNC Rotary Table -Coupling series
  • CNC Rotary Table (Quick C..
    CNC Rotary Table (Quick C..
    · SUAC-125~210
  •  CNC Rotary Table -hirth coupling series
  • CNC Rotary Table (ultrapr..
    CNC Rotary Table (ultrapr..
    · SUHI-255~400
  •  CNC Rotary Table -5-Axis series
  • 4 1/2-AXIS Rotary Table..
    4 1/2-AXIS Rotary Table..
    · CTH-255
  • Single Arm 5-AXIS Tilting..
    Single Arm 5-AXIS Tilting..
    · FSA-170
  • 5-AXIS Tilting Swiveling ..
    5-AXIS Tilting Swiveling ..
    · FEH-125~320
  •  Horizontal Table Series
  • Horizontal Rotary Table..
    Horizontal Rotary Table..
    · SUHI-400~800
  • Horizontal CNC Rotary Tab..
    Horizontal CNC Rotary Tab..
    · SUH-320WT
  • Horizontal EXchange CNC R..
    Horizontal EXchange CNC R..
    · SWH-630
  • Horizontal EXchange Rotar..
    Horizontal EXchange Rotar..
    · SWH-800
  •  CNC swiveling spindle head
  • Table -Worm Gear Series..
    Table -Worm Gear Series..
    · STH-255
  • Slip Series..
    Slip Series..
    · FEUH-120
  • Roller Gear Cam Series..
    Roller Gear Cam Series..
  •  Tooth Type Hydraulic Positioning(Non-CNC Control)
  • Tooth Type Hydraulic Posi..
    Tooth Type Hydraulic Posi..
    · SUHC-255
  •  CNC Rotary Table-Direct Drive Motor Series
  • Vertical And Horizontal T..
    Vertical And Horizontal T..
  • Single-arm Dual-axis (Fiv..
    Single-arm Dual-axis (Fiv..
  • Cradling Dual-axis(Five-a..
    Cradling Dual-axis(Five-a..
  •  CNC Rotary Table-Roller Cam Series
  • Vertical And Horizontal T..
    Vertical And Horizontal T..
  • Single-arm Dual-axis(Five..
    Single-arm Dual-axis(Five..
  • Cradling Dual-axis(Five-a..
    Cradling Dual-axis(Five-a..
  •  DAYAN Single-axis economic series
  • Vertical And Horizontal C..
    Vertical And Horizontal C..
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic Trans..
    Pneumatic Hydraulic Trans..
  • General L Block..
    General L Block..
  • Hydraulic Distributor..
    Hydraulic Distributor..
  •  Tailstock Series
  • Rotary Type Tailstock..
    Rotary Type Tailstock..
    · SUHR-255~630
    · SUAR-125~250
  • Center Type Tailstock(Pne..
    Center Type Tailstock(Pne..
    · SUTTH-255~400
    · SUTTA-125~250
  • Center Type Tailstock(Man..
    Center Type Tailstock(Man..
    · SUTT-125~400
  •  Accessories Selection
  • Manual Chuck..
    Manual Chuck..
  • Solid Hydraulic Chuck..
    Solid Hydraulic Chuck..
  • Hollow Hydraulic Chuck..
    Hollow Hydraulic Chuck..
  • Pneumatic Chuck..
    Pneumatic Chuck..
  • optical ruler..
    optical ruler..
  • Servo Motor Driver..
    Servo Motor Driver..
  • Single-axis Controller..
    Single-axis Controller..
  • Power & signal line..
    Power & signal line..
  • Hydraulic Power Unit (opt..
    Hydraulic Power Unit (opt..
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic Trans..
    Pneumatic Hydraulic Trans..
  • CNC Rotary Table Special ..
    CNC Rotary Table Special ..
  • Non-Standard Fixture..
    Non-Standard Fixture..
  • Large Floor..
    Large Floor..
  • Bridge Plate..
    Bridge Plate..
  • L Block..
    L Block..
  • oil separator..
    oil separator..
  • CNC Rotary Table Special ..
    CNC Rotary Table Special ..
  • Precision On The Connecto..
    Precision On The Connecto..
  • Precision Coupling..
    Precision Coupling..
  • T-type nuts..
    T-type nuts..
  • Live Top..
    Live Top..
  • fixed Top..
    fixed Top..
  • Pneumatic hydraulic stati..
    Pneumatic hydraulic stati..
  • Pneumatic Quick Rotary Jo..
    Pneumatic Quick Rotary Jo..
  •  Agents and Dealers
  • special machine..
    special machine..
  • Hydraulic Turret..
    Hydraulic Turret..
  • Servo Turret..
    Servo Turret..
  • Power Tooling Turret..
    Power Tooling Turret..
  •  Other Products / Value - added Services
  • And Commissioning..
    And Commissioning..
  • The Fourth axis/Five-axis..
    The Fourth axis/Five-axis..
  • Mitsubishi Special Operat..
    Mitsubishi Special Operat..
  • Intelligent Robot..
    Intelligent Robot..
  • Sound technical support Product highlights
  • Consultative

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Spindle Clamping - Powerful, Fast, Torque to maintain.
    Spindle bearings - Ideal Compact Construction YRT.
    gear - high rigidity, thick teeth, impact strength increased.
    Sealing - IP67 Standard.
    Worm Gear - High Efficiency Dual Lead, Large Diameter.